spanish dreams

The finished product!


hold on a minute

Here is the bare bones of a new piece that I was commissioned last week and began working on a few days ago! I decided to put the painting of the glasses on hold for a bit until this is finished because I have less than a month to do it.
The buyer has asked for a bull and matador scene painted in more of a surrealist and slightly abstract style as opposed to my normal realism. It may look like a mess… but it’s all under control.

Now that Oil & Water is finally up to date, I can post what I’m currently working on! This is a random study of warps and reflections that I assigned to myself. I started it more than a month ago and it is ever so slowly coming to life.

Embarking on my first experience painting water and the (miniature) human form. Commissioned by my brother in law, this piece depicts my niece and nephew on a day at the beach in southern California.